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About Me

I have always loved to paint ever since I was a little girl. I am so inspired by the Montana rivers, peaks, and wildlife there is nothing more beautiful in this world. I spend my time hiking and camping in the mountains with my paints and my easel. I am able to share my passion for Montana through my art works.


I have been running my Art business for roughly three years now. I have always been blown away by the positive comments and feedback, being able to share my love for the outdoors with the people in my community is the most rewarding feeling. I love to paint my favorite places and creatures in MT and connecting with the people who are passionate about camping, fishing, and the outdoors.

I have been camping and fish since I could stand. My dad taught me how to cast when I was no more than two or three. Ive always been enamored with native animals, bugs, flowers, and bird identification ever since I was small. I love to collect rocks. I love maps and always knowing where I am. I am so lucky to share my affinity of nature with the community.

About my Work

The Gallatin valley is always bursting with new growth, color, and life. I have lived in Montana since I was five and it has always been my favorite place to be. Montana is so special, it is very dear to my heart. My landscape paintings are a reflection of how those places make me feel when I am standing in them. 

I love to create drawings of native animals and bugs to highlight the importance of even the smallest organisms and their role in our ecosystem and our rivers. I enjoy sketching my local peaks and camping spots, I like to sketch any animals that I see on my trips in nature. I love birdwatching and I often enjoy sketching the local birds that I come in contact with. Trout are one of the most vital pieces of our rivers ecosystems, I enjoy painting trout to bring attention to them and their importance through my artwork. 

I like to use many layers of colorful acrylic paint on canvas to achieve my works. I have been practicing my plein air techniques this year but I usually take a lot of reference photos so that I can paint from home when needed. I find that a simple, classic, and limited color pallet always works best. I have about 6 paintbrushes in rotation while I am working. I use the same 6 for almost all of my paintings, I find that it gives me the widest variety of color, detail, and texture that I use on my canvases.

About my Business

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